3 Years Worth of College

Most of you may not know this about me, but I have studied 3 (three) years of credits from universities and colleges from the United States. I have a semester attendance at Passaic County College while I was studying in high school, a full years worth of credits in Pre-Med from William Paterson University, and a year and 1 (one) semester worth of credits from North American University.
Many of you know that I’ve just recently transferred overseas to Bilecik Seyh Edebali University.
However, I can guarantee that none of you know the fact that not a single credit of my classes from the United States transfered to my new school in Bilecik, TR.

Even though I can’t receive a single one of my credits from my 3 (three) years of university education, I gotta say, I don’t feel too bad about it. Honestly, I love being a college student. You’re always surrounded with people who have an ambition to do something in their life, and those people are the biggest dreamers that are so impatient to get started in building their “pies in the skies”.

I’ve met numerous people in my life of all sorts of people and I can honestly say, those with the highest ambitions are the ones I’ve met in colleges and universities. No matter how ridiculous that dream they hold might be, they hold on to it as tight as they can. The reason why I started this blog was from inspiration of seeing a friend of mine playing basketball in the school basketball court. He was playing against 4 (four) other students, taking all on just by himself. After they played for 2 (two) hours I asked him why he was pushing himself so much. He told me if he didn’t push that hard, he had no chance to get noticed for his basketball skills. He was right.

I needed to keep busy while waiting for my computer to be repaired before I can produce again. I took up a hobby of blogging, and within two days I’m obsessed with it. My morning blogs are posted as I am sitting in my morning classes early in the morning. This just might be the thing that ruins my life, but I enjoy it. Even after I get my computer back I know for a fact I wont stop blogging. He gave birth to a seedling of passion that I will water and care for the rest of my life.

If you love something, if you have passion, or hold a dream DON’T EVER LET IT GO ! Don’t ever give up. The things we love are the things we need to keep us sane.

Lesson Of The Day:
Friends May Not Be Forever, But The Lessons You Learn From Them Are


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