Put On Blast

As I’ve stated last night, I am retaking classes due to the fact that my credits haven’t transferred from my previous school. Today in introduction to computer science class, a class I’ve already taken in the past, I was teaching myself the language of python. Mid-class my professor stops giving the lecture and comes all the way to the back of the class to ask me why I’m always staring into my laptop and not the overhead. So I simply said that I had taken this class amongst many others that have not yet transferred to my current school and that we should discuss this in further detail after class in his office to not disturb or hold the class back from their education. Apparently teaching a professor, which happens to be the director of the computer science department, is not allowed in any culture. However, he was really cool about it.

Nothing too interesting happened today. Actually, nothing interesting happened at all. Tomorrow I’ll be taking some panoramic shots to upload so I can fill the emptiness of today.


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