Tardy … A Lesson Learned

So today, I woke up a little late because I was setting up my Tumblr and other social networking sites. Arriving a little too late to class, exactly 7 minutes, thought me a valuable lesson. Upon my arrival I knocked on the door of the classroom, I then commenced to open the door only to find the professor right in front of my face telling me to come back in 45 minutes. While in confusion of what just happened, I started heading to the student lounge and ask some of the students what this whole process was about. Apparently, if a student arrives a minute late to class the professor does not have to take the student in due to the fact that they will be interrupting the teaching process.

Another great factor I learned that is beneficial to my survival here is the student trade system. Students trade homeworks for homeworks, all the students trade homeworks for different classes. This morning I traded the english assignments for introduction to computer science. I might just have hope of passing physics and mathematics using my english to better benefit me here.


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