Panoramic Shots in Bilecik, TR

As I woke up this morning, I wondered where to go to take some pics today. I decided on visiting the lake by the skirts of the city. Slowly making my way to my destination on my electric motorcycle can always be an adventure. Motorists driving cars in this city have absolutely no respect for motorcyclists. When it comes to electric motorcycles, well, you might as well be driving on the sidewalk because its safer than the road. Making my way to the lake, I avoided 3 (three) accidents. Other motorists really underestimate my bike and my driving.

Upon receiving to the pond, however, was a huge stress reliever waiting for me. Once entered into the area, you can find (on the left side of the road) “Subasi” (Su-Ba-ShI) Cafe. Oh, the breeze was wonderful in the early morning, the way it danced in the air accompanying the sound of the water was just pure bliss. Also, the atmosphere of the place was incredible. Although I was the only customer there, they treated me like a king. So, in short, I got to take some really nice photos, enjoyed fresh air, chilled out to the soothing sound of waves, and drank me cup of tea, all for only 2 TL.

After my break, I continued to drive through some thick woods leading to a hill where I took some scenic shots, and drove downhill into the city. After getting tired, I decided to meet up with some friends at a Cafe in the city and hangout, play some pool. By then, I was pretty burnt, so I decided to leave the guys and head home to work on some projects.

For all the photos I took today, you can visit my Flickr page by clicking here.


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