Wonderful Disaster

Like most computer scientists and bloggers, I tend to hold myself back from social interactions. I do not like to pretend to be happy and excited for people whom I have little common factors with. I titled todays evening post as “Wonderful Disaster” because I got to experience something I’ve only experienced as an infant. I experienced the holiday of Ramadan with my fathers side of the family. The scarification of the sheep, the cleansing of the lamb, the cooking of the meat, the food, and most importantly, the family. I’ve met some new family members related by blood today. As you can guess, the day was a little bit exciting for me.

Here comes the disaster.

I am a wall paper. Camouflaging to the room is my specialty, however, today this was not necessarily an option for me. Out of my comfort zone and stressed out, I sort-of just floated with what was happening around me. Most of the time I attended and spent time with my brothers baby (niece?) to keep others from interacting with me.

In conclusion, Ramadan in Turkey with all your family members can be a little hectic, but is definitely an experience that is needed to be lived.


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