Premises of Social Strangers

As the days of Ramazan/Ramadan pass, I’ve come to realize that it’s sort of like the Christmas Day of Islam. Everything is closed and no one is on the streets. During the morning I went downtown with my brother to gather some needed supplies for the house. Upon return, I was told that my mother had been expecting guests, absolutely no time notification, no number of expected shows, no planning whatsoever. The whole day was spent with failed attempts at trying to leave the premises and engaging in awkward conversations with strangers.

Right before this post, I fixed my JVC XXX headphones so I can wear them to match my leather jacket as I’m heading to school. Also, they look huge because I got my hair cut. When I put them on just now I felt amazing, like half my head was squished in my skull.

Tomorrow being the last day of Ramazan/Ramadan, I will have a successful escape from the premises of social strangers.


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