This morning I was able to escape the clutches of my neighbors to one of my favorite Cafe’s (Marpuc) in Bilecik, TR. After experiencing the thrill of new celebration of an amazing holiday I’ve learned how massive my family is, and how far away I’ve been from them for so long in America. I’ve also learned that not everybody is lucky enough to be born and raised in a country that most people dream of only being able to visit for a week of their life. This experience made me thankful to be raised in a far more different social atmosphere than that of a person born into a society with social limitations.

Before I came to Turkey, there were a lot of media posts about SJW’s and third generation feminists in America defending “female rights with use of misogyny”. Now that I witnessed a different culture of social pressure I can say the actual third generation feminism is only limited to America and other countries with as equal or more equal rights given to women. Through my time here in Bilecik, TR, I’ve met women who own businesses and the way that they are treated and gossiped about. This was the main observation that really changed my view of the current debates taking place in the USA. In America a female business owner is just another CEO that can grow their business through hard work like everyone else, however, the female business owners I’ve met here are held back in being able to fully accomplish their dreams in comfort by social behavior. For example, other females around the area of her business gossip about her instead of supporting her. I, for one, hold high respect for one specific business owner here in Bilecik, TR. I shop in her store as often as I could, mostly because to be a single mother, manage, and run two stores in this society should be praised and is an incredible accomplishment in my perspective.

At times, it is extremely difficult to adjust to my current environment, however, everyday I am thankful that I got to witness such a change in my life and open my perspective towards life.


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