The dream of which I dreamt last night filled me with confusion upon waking this morning. My body was different, i had on different skins and “add-ons”. My insides were made of apps which were forming a metallic bone structure. Instagram was taking third dimension photographs using my eyes as lenses and Facebook was working with both my heart and mouth to shout my feelings to the world. The GPS was navigating my feet through a dark vast plain. Google Play Music took the form of headphones that locked into where my ears used to be. WordPress and Tumblr occupied my mind to wirelessly transmit my thoughts to a cloud that hovered on top of me with cables floating out of it. It was as if I was not made of me but of the technology and “apps” I use that are supposed to make my life easy and fast paced. Maybe it was too easy and too fast paced. I woke up from this dream by twitter making tweeting sounds out of my nostrils. I then awoke, only to realize that the tweeting noises through my nostrils were continuing. Locked in confusion, I couldn’t process if I was awake or still in a dream. Finally i felt the “tweet” and my face tingled, my nose was clogged this whole time giving off a high pitched sound like that of a water kettle boiling the water it held with-in.

I think I’m obsessing over my android modification a bit… enough to make me dream about them.

Visit my Flickr page for the full HD screen shots of my Android. (Click Here)


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