Simple. Beautiful.

After moding my visuals on my Samsung Galaxy Mega, I couldn’t stop. I’ve spent all day customizing everything I could on my Alienware M11X. I’ve looped about 25 HD simple and amazing wallpapers in the background and set up a rainmeter theme with about 6 different skin packs. It was quite a challenge at first, but after I got the hang of it , it felt amazing. I’ve grown an obsession with simplicity and am thinking about redesigning everything in my room to a minimalist design.

Besides that, today was the first day of class after a long holiday. I have to admit, I still hate school. First quarter exams are approaching and I still have no idea what we’re doing in math, linear mathematics, and neither in physics. I’m pretty sure I will be failing a few classes.
However, in other news, I’m doing fantastic in my algorithm class. Today we were asked to write an algorithm for finding a perfect number between 1-10. Instead of writing it in algorithm form, I wrote it in C coding.

Desktop of Alienware M11X:
Set Up 1 Minimalist HD BG BorderlandsUntitledUntitled2Untitled3

Lock Screen + Home Screen of Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8:



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