The Drama

I find it funny how a city so small that it can be captured in a single photo can be filled with so much drama, stress, and adventure. I find it amazing how a city with roughly 62,000 people living in it can be so crowded. Everyday between friends, family, and acquaintances can be an argument over a word, phrase, or sentence. It’s remarkable how a brotherhood or pact between two friends can be broken by a word of gossip that needs no authentication, or how fast relationships end because others don’t think the couple looks cute together. Back in NJ (New Jersey), NY (New York), or even in TX (Texas) it wasn’t this complicated. You didn’t have to choose your words so carefully, you were you. If I had to choose a day to feel the most out of place through my life, it would be today. The culture shock that I was waiting for 7 (seven) months has finally hit me, and it has hit me hard. My adventures in Turkey have just now, today, started.


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