Today I had an amazing time in Bursa celebrating my birthday with my childhood friend in Bursa. We had fun as we split the cake and got a little bit intoxicated. Even though it rained, we continued to stay outdoors with a group of friends, about 10 (ten) people. As we walked through the streets of this vast never ending city I felt at home and at peace. It just feels like I belonged in this city, in this environment , and with this society. I felt bliss, and it felt amazing. This is my goal in Turkey, this is why I came here, to live in the city of my dreams. I will try my best to keep my grades up this year and transfer to Bursa next year.

When it comes to the photography, I wasn’t able to snap too many photos, however, I did shoot a dance video and a vine. I will upload the vine to my dance page in a few minutes. Also, I will be travelling through the city tomorrow and taking more photos. The photos will be uploaded tomorrow night.


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