Mr. Garip

So, last night, I started teaching English at Reform Language School and got home late. Well, that’s my excuse for not updating my blog. I don’t really know how to explain the feeling of teaching. I taught back in America, but it’s completely different teaching in Turkey. Back in America, the assignments i gave to my students were simple and helped develop them in English by improving their communication skills much more efficiently. For example, I would have them hold a conversation with a stranger for five minutes minimum as an assignment. Here, I can’t really do that, since everyone speaks Turkish it’s difficult for my students get the required social experience. I have to be more creative in my assignments here in Turkey.

Besides that, someone recognized me from back when I was a kid. With my family, we constantly came to Turkey to visit relatives and apparently every time we were in Bilecik there was a neighbor that I spent quite some time with as a kid. Here’s what went down.
I was walking through the entrance of the building with my friends and there was a student passing out flyers for a new study hall that teaches almost all classes including music and dance. I specifically said music and dance because here in Bilecik, talent based classes and hobbies are seen as a waste of time. Seeing that this location offered both music and dance I was excited to look into it.
Anyway, as the flyer handed to me, the student asked if I was “Alican”, and i stood surprised and asked if they knew me from class. However, the answer I received shocked me. They told me how we used to play near my Aunts house as a kid. I thought about it the entire day because I legitimately could not remember them.
This encounter made me think, “I wonder how much more people I met as a kid?”


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