Wonderful News

Today, My manager and I, filled out a submission for the talent contest I will be entering. Within 2 (two) hours of completion of the submission form, we received news from the contest agency. Unfortunately, I was teaching a class at the language school and could not answer. However, after the class, I met up with my manager and discussed the phone call. After the discussion, we called them back and the operated notified us that receiving a call back that quick was a good sign and that we should call back during business hours to discuss rules and regulations.

On monday I have a physics test, and a friend of mine is a life saver for sending me his notes. Hopefully, I can meet up with my manager to study in the morning and build a little hope to pass the test.

Today during both my classes the students wanted to extend the classes in which I taught at, and it felt amazing. One classed asked me to extend the time of my class and I felt bad because the timing and scheduling of the classes are not in my hands. However, I have to admit, the students in both classes are filled with inspiration to learn English and it gives me motivation to continue teaching. Seeing the passion they have to get better at a skill that will help them later on in life fills me with an overwhelming amount of joy that I can not describe in any form of language.

P.S. – I want to take some time and thank all my subscribers that check up on me every once in a while to see my posts. You might not know, and I might not say, but it means a lot to me to be able to explain to anyone who is willing to read about my current situation in trying to get adjusted to a new culture.



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