Test Time

This morning I woke up extra early to get ready for the test which I thought took place at 8 (eight) am. After arriving to class, I met up with a class to study for the test and was informed that the test will be taking place in the class at 5 (five) pm. After attempting to under basic physics, I decided it was not a topic of my specific understanding. I can’t stress enough how difficult it is studying abroad. The classes are in a foreign language and the topics are difficult, even in your native language.

I just got off the phone with my manager to adjust the reschedulement of my session for today. Now I am taking a little break to write to all my followers.
As I was getting fresh air while rescheduling my session, I got a message on Kik from a person who claims they know me. After asking them where they know me from, I received an answer they left me confused. They said that I gave them my Kik in an ice cream store in California. Here’s the funny part, I never bought ice cream in California. If any of you want to Kik me remember that I am a musician and a dancer with a fan base. I try to talk to every single one of you, and I try to respond to every single message in a timely manner. For any of you that have not seen my social connections pages online here’s a small list:

Instagram – Turkdragon13
Kik – Turkdragon13
Vine – Userllort
Twitter – Userllort (I really don’t use or give out my twitter page)
Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/llort
Online Store – Bit.ly/llorT
FunnyJunk – Turkdragon
Tumblr – http://alicangarip.tumblr.com/

If there’s any other social media you use, comment what it is and I’ll let you know (reply) what my username is.


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