Snow Day

I just wrote a three page text on the post page describing in detail of resons of my absence, the competition, and culture shock, however due to a power outage all my work was erased. In short, today is a snow day and there are car crashes everywhere. I am back on WordPress and will start to post every day again.


Completed Track

Laying in bed watching other contestants in the competition I’m currently attending feels so different. I haven’t competed on a stage in so long. Today we finished the track for the stage performance and it feels like it’s impossible for me to dance to it. The choreography must be perfection in order for us to excel to the semi finals.

We spent so much time on perfecting the track and there’s still some minor mastering flaws on the track, along with other errors. It was almost impossible finding the right rhythm. We actually argued for about 2 (two) hours trying to debate out what count it was in.


Today, I will be teaming up with a local musician to finish our new mix for the dance show. It’s tiring looking at a computer screen for 13 hours, but it’s gotta get done. RIght now I’m at the language school getting ready for class. One of my students here, in the class I’m about to attend, send me a birthday email. It felt great having having one of my students wish me a happy birthday.

There’s very little time for me to update my blog as often as I used to. I’ve also adapted to the social environment of Bilecik, Turkey, therefore I can’t quite tell you all how it feels to be a foreigner in Turkey. I no longer see myself as a foreigner, I see myself as a local. I’ve sort-of accepted Bilecik as my new home (that is until I move to Istanbul… whenever that is).

We will hopefully finish the track by dawn tomorrow and start working on a new choreography on Monday, I’ll keep you guys updated.


Lately I’ve been making a lot of websites. I’ve made 4 (four) in the past 2 (two) days for some local companies and people, and a professional one for a nationwide company.
When it comes to school, I’ve given up completely on my physics and mathematics classes. However, I’m still going to class to improve my Turkish vocabulary and general class comprehension of various topics. It’s getting to a point where I just want school to end already.
I haven’t been using my motorbike lately. It’s very annoying to have to deal with the bus schedules and I’m thinking about riding my bike tomorrow.

That’s pretty much it. There’s really nothing to write about at the moment because life is mundane. I’m going back and forth from the music and dance studio and school.

October 29

Tomorrow is a special day in Turkey.
“On October 29, 1923, the Turkish constitution was amended and Turkey became a republic. This formally declared the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayramı) is celebrated throughout Turkey every year” – Source :

Due to this reason, every business and school is a half day today. My morning class was cancelled, and as usual I was not informed. After figuring out why nobody came to class I immediately dispersed towards downtown to get to the dance studio. Upon arrival I noticed that it was only 9 (nine) am. I waited an hour in the cold for them to unlock the doors. After they unlocked the doors, I have to wait for my manager and dance partner to arrive, so in the mean time I am updating my blog and will be creating a new website.

Logging In

I’m still having a little trouble logging in since my phone switch. Excuse me until I get adjusted to my new set up.

Today I’ll be meeting with some musicians and my dance partner to discuss how we will go on with the production of the show. We still have no choreography which is stressing me out. Also, I am writing this as I am sitting in my physics class, hoping to god I understand at least a microscopic bit of information. I am completely clueless in this class. I don’t think the professor understands the fact that I speak another language and have a hard time understanding the language he teaches. However, it can also be the fact that the professor really does not care about the education of the students. I think this because apparently no other student understood the test either.

New Phone

Before I start typing about all the stuff I’ve been doing lately, I want to apologize.I know I used to post everyday, and for the past couple of days I haven’t been able to access my WordPress account. I’ve purchased a new phone and my Authentication app was reset. Since I use various security measures on my WordPress, it was difficult for me to retrieve my info since everything was linked to my old phone. However, I’m back.

So… What have I been up to lately?

  • Joined the biggest talent based competition in Turkey
  • Working on near impossible projects (as usually)
  • Tried to cope with my failure in my Physics test

As you already know, I had to enter a physics test Monday. Although I worked hard for the test, I couldn’t answer a single question and the experience in attending school in a different language finally did some damage, a lot of damage. I was ready to drop out when my manager said hold your head up high and keep pushing.
Also, I have a chance to transfer some credits to Turkey, which require some financial input. I am currently occupying some of my time with that.

Some projects I am taking part in are extremely professional projects that are grabbing attention from some successful businessmen / businesswomen. I am slowly developing a fear of them expecting to much from the projects that are currently being worked on. When I catch myself over thinking about this specific topic, I have to take a moment and just assure myself that I’ve been a dancer for more than 10 (ten) years, I have to remind myself that I’ve excelled at numerous dance competitions, and that i already started and there’s no going back now.

We’re (my manager and I) still awaiting news from the TV Channel to get back to us for the dates of the competition. However, we have been assured multiple times by various parties including the TV Channel faculty that we will be partaking in the competition.

On other news, one of my students who keeps up to date with my blogs, was upset with me not being able to update it in the past few days. So to all those following my blog, I sincerely apologize. I’ve fixed my security issues and now will continue to update my blog daily.

Finally, I’ve started posting videos on my Vine and Instagram. You can find them at :
Vine – Userllort
Instagram – Turkdragon13

As Always, Thank You All For Your Support !!

Im In… or so…

Good evening my fellow bloggers and readers. Today I entered the pre elimation round of “Yetenek Sizsiniz Turkiye”. I am confident that I will not be eliminated. They will give me a call to notify me of my status of approvel. I arrived at Istanbul around midnight lastnight along with my manager, and am now heading back to Bilecik. Overall it was an awesome day. I enjoyed the sights of Istanbul alond with a couple of shots of me dancing. As soon as we are done editing them, I will upload them online. Thank all of you for your support.


Hey guys.
After 8 (eight) hours of dance practice, I’ve concluded my set and arrived in Istanbul. I’m extreamly tired, over worked, and exhausted. I’ll post more info on the competition tomorrow along with some pics and videos.

Mixed Feelings

When it comes to describe today, I guess I felt both the things and there opposites; scared and brave, excited and disappointed, cheerful and sorrowful, depressed and hopeful. lost but found. Let me explain why;
This morning I entered my physics exam and saw only 5 (five) questions on the test. Then, I immediately realized that I was not meant to be a student and should probably just jump out the window and save the teacher a paper to grade. All the questions were on the topics that I didn’t understand at all because not only is physics hard in English, it’s damn near impossible in Turkish. .After the test, my manager calmed me down, I decided to plan out the trip to Istanbul for wednesday. BTW (By the way), I got accepted into the talent contest and the company wants me to go to Istanbul to meet with everybody I’ll be competing against. After speaking to my manager and sponsor we’ve come to a conclusion that I need to spend the entire day tomorrow coming up with a brand new choreography to use for wednesday. Today, I was able to cut and slice the music and practice a little bit on my routine. Tomorrow, I will spend 6 (six) hours creating and practicing a routine to perfection.

Wish Me Luck.

Musician | Dancer | Photographer | Teacher