Put On Blast

As I’ve stated last night, I am retaking classes due to the fact that my credits haven’t transferred from my previous school. Today in introduction to computer science class, a class I’ve already taken in the past, I was teaching myself the language of python. Mid-class my professor stops giving the lecture and comes all the way to the back of the class to ask me why I’m always staring into my laptop and not the overhead. So I simply said that I had taken this class amongst many others that have not yet transferred to my current school and that we should discuss this in further detail after class in his office to not disturb or hold the class back from their education. Apparently teaching a professor, which happens to be the director of the computer science department, is not allowed in any culture. However, he was really cool about it.

Nothing too interesting happened today. Actually, nothing interesting happened at all. Tomorrow I’ll be taking some panoramic shots to upload so I can fill the emptiness of today.


Tardy … A Lesson Learned

So today, I woke up a little late because I was setting up my Tumblr and other social networking sites. Arriving a little too late to class, exactly 7 minutes, thought me a valuable lesson. Upon my arrival I knocked on the door of the classroom, I then commenced to open the door only to find the professor right in front of my face telling me to come back in 45 minutes. While in confusion of what just happened, I started heading to the student lounge and ask some of the students what this whole process was about. Apparently, if a student arrives a minute late to class the professor does not have to take the student in due to the fact that they will be interrupting the teaching process.

Another great factor I learned that is beneficial to my survival here is the student trade system. Students trade homeworks for homeworks, all the students trade homeworks for different classes. This morning I traded the english assignments for introduction to computer science. I might just have hope of passing physics and mathematics using my english to better benefit me here.

3 Years Worth of College

Most of you may not know this about me, but I have studied 3 (three) years of credits from universities and colleges from the United States. I have a semester attendance at Passaic County College while I was studying in high school, a full years worth of credits in Pre-Med from William Paterson University, and a year and 1 (one) semester worth of credits from North American University.
Many of you know that I’ve just recently transferred overseas to Bilecik Seyh Edebali University.
However, I can guarantee that none of you know the fact that not a single credit of my classes from the United States transfered to my new school in Bilecik, TR.

Even though I can’t receive a single one of my credits from my 3 (three) years of university education, I gotta say Continue reading 3 Years Worth of College

Understanding Classes

Although my turkish language skill is at an advanced skill, I only feel its fluency while I am speaking it. During class, I feel as if my Turkish is not quite “up to par” to completely understand the lessons. Not only is understanding physics complicated, it is also taught to me, currently, in my secondary language.

Through time attending this University I’ve noticed a lot of faults in the communication aspect of the management of this facility. For example, whenever class gets rescheduled or canceled students aren’t notified immediately. There actually notified at the original time of that class that was to take place. There is a place on the student portal where professors can reach all the students that are attending their class to notify them of such events, however not a single professor in the university uses it.

Days Go By So Fast

I’ve been in Turkey now for about 6 (six) months, more or less. My brother from the states came here just recently with his wife and kid. He currently has to go through a painful procedure that I had to go through upon my arrival as well. When you go outside the US with a phone you bought from a phone company like AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile you have to make sure your phone is unlocked so you can use it in other countries with other Sim Cards. To get a phone unlocked is the easy part. the hard part is switching the IMEI number of that mobile phone to register and use accordingly with the Sim Card Provider. In Turkey, you have to register your IMEI number to either your temporary visa or your Turkish Identification Card. If you do not do this, your mobile phone will lock. You’re only given 60 (sixty) days to handle this procedure, and this procedure takes a lot of time because various things go wrong.

For example, my brother needs to unlock his phone. However, they need him to pay taxation and register his IMEI number first. After he did all the things he needed to take care of with the taxation (total of 6 days spent) he was told that his phone was a newer model and could not currently be unlocked. He now needs to take it to a bigger city with more experts that may be able to do the job.

I’ve noticed, when starting out life in a different country, things can get quite stressful, no matter how little stress they may cause. Even if it’s a painfully slow process like getting your phone unlocked, events happen fast and they build stress from a minor level to a major migraine.

My advice for the day for those moving overseas:

Get ready to deal with a lifestyle that you’re not familiar with. Every government governs their people differently.

Just Trying to Get Started

I’m still new to the whole wordpress blogging concept. It has captivated me for two days now. Yesterday, I spent about 6 (six) hours editing the website design. Today, I am sitting in my physics class trying to figure out a way to upload HTML widgets. I don’t think they’re possible to use on a USERNAME.wordpress.com type of server.

I’ll figure out a way to complete this site… It will happen

In other news, I have just received information that not a single student understands what this professor is attempting to teach.    I no longer feel alone.

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