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Ali’s On The Move

Hey Guys,

About three days ago I stater a new project where I travel around Turkey and report the highlights of each city. Since I’m located in Bilecik, I thought why not start here! I started shooting footage at the local historical areas and Cafes. Today, I just want to talk about how one Cafe went out of their way for me to get the best service possible. They offered me their best foods, deserts, drinks, and hookahs. I could have wrote about any Cafe however this specific one presented me with one of the most amazing hookahs I’ve seen in my life. It’s called a natural hookah and the original one in Bilecik can only be found in Agrilion Cafe. They allowed me to record footage of it’s preparation and personally let me decide how the taste was. It was so fantastic that I had to write about it.

The natural hookah is prepared using apple (the fruit) based products. What do I mean about that? Well let me explain the process of making one.

First, the hookah machine is cleaned thoroughly with water and pressured air. Then it is apple “ification” time. The inside is rinsed out with apple juice. Next, instead of a traditional ceramic head, they carve out an apple and fill it with apple flavored Al-Fakher Shisha. Then, instead of a water tank as the base, they use a custom shaped carved out watermelon and fill it with apple juice. The whole smoking experience from start to finish is just incredible. It literally feels like smoking an apple.

Upon taking the first drag through the hookah you can completely feel the sensation of apple take over your body. I’ve been smoking it since I shot a vlog and until long after I upload this post. This is because they also use custom coal that doesn’t burn your throat, doesn’t give you a headache, and doesn’t upset your stomach. This has been the most incredible smoking experience of my life so far.

The presentation even looks amazing. They use a special hookah machine designed to give a natural look equivalent to the taste. Even the way they deliver it to your table is un-match-able to any other cafe.

If your way ever falls to Bilecik, I highly suggest you check out Agrilion Cafe for their Natural Hookah.


Missed Connection

So this morning I went to my computer science class 4 (four) hours early. Then I was late to class by an hour and eventually missed the class altogether. Only thing I understood from this event was confusion. Instead of heading to class I spent the day with my brother getting a few things done around the city and playing chess. After paying my phone bill and toaster payments, we headed to my favorite Cafe in Bilecik, TR… “Zeplin”. Playing chess with my brother is extremely fun because we’re both almost equally matched.

When I got home, I noticed I had a message reply on facebook from an old friend of mine from Texas. It was from a friend that I’ve been thinking of contacting since before I came to Turkey. The reason why I’ve been thinking of contacting her was because I was a terrible friend, and I wasn’t thoughtful when I ended our friendship, actually I was extremely selfish. Without not knowing how to ask for forgiveness, I kept delaying that apology letter from fear of not knowing what the reaction would be. I totally shattered my friends soul and now, after a year of silence, I was to ask them for forgiveness. I always assumed they would just not reply or worse, tell me to never contact them again. But I gathered all my courage and regret, and sent it. Now we are friends again, and of course time is needed for the friendship to heal and fix but for now, getting that apology accepted reply, feels like no other feeling in the world.


This morning I was able to escape the clutches of my neighbors to one of my favorite Cafe’s (Marpuc) in Bilecik, TR. After experiencing the thrill of new celebration of an amazing holiday I’ve learned how massive my family is, and how far away I’ve been from them for so long in America. I’ve also learned that not everybody is lucky enough to be born and raised in a country that most people dream of only being able to visit for a week of their life. This experience made me thankful to be raised in a far more different social atmosphere than that of a person born into a society with social limitations. Continue reading ESCAPED!