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How To Dance

I am currently looking up how to do nice edits on videos. I’ve spent the last two weeks split between practice in both music and dance studio times, and searching how to shoot how to videos. I will start uploading how to dance videos on YouTube every week or every month. (Once a week or once a month). Looking forward to this new project. We aren’t that hopeful about the second stage of the competition as they have called at an inconvenient time for us. We might have to drop out of the competition. As there is no one to practice with I have been occupying most of my time with video editing software. Once I feel comfortable enough editing the videos to my liking I will start uploading them.

Update (August 10, 2015) : Well this project failed miserably. Maybe I’ll reboot when I have a better computer and camera.


Practice Session

Today, I had a session of 2.5 (two and a half) hours of dancing. My entire body is sore and I feel exhausted, however I also feel amazing. We are taking weekends off from practice to concentrate on my school. Monday I have a physics test, and I am no where near ready for it. The only way I wont fail is if I don’t show up to class.
Tomorrow we have to attend a meeting for a school club I am taking part in and a classmate told me he can provide some of the class notes to me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to answer a few questions so I can at least look like I tried.

I’m about to edit a video of my dancing to be able to attach it to the application form for the contest. I’ll keep you guys updated tomorrow.