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Ali’s On The Move

Hey Guys,

About three days ago I stater a new project where I travel around Turkey and report the highlights of each city. Since I’m located in Bilecik, I thought why not start here! I started shooting footage at the local historical areas and Cafes. Today, I just want to talk about how one Cafe went out of their way for me to get the best service possible. They offered me their best foods, deserts, drinks, and hookahs. I could have wrote about any Cafe however this specific one presented me with one of the most amazing hookahs I’ve seen in my life. It’s called a natural hookah and the original one in Bilecik can only be found in Agrilion Cafe. They allowed me to record footage of it’s preparation and personally let me decide how the taste was. It was so fantastic that I had to write about it.

The natural hookah is prepared using apple (the fruit) based products. What do I mean about that? Well let me explain the process of making one.

First, the hookah machine is cleaned thoroughly with water and pressured air. Then it is apple “ification” time. The inside is rinsed out with apple juice. Next, instead of a traditional ceramic head, they carve out an apple and fill it with apple flavored Al-Fakher Shisha. Then, instead of a water tank as the base, they use a custom shaped carved out watermelon and fill it with apple juice. The whole smoking experience from start to finish is just incredible. It literally feels like smoking an apple.

Upon taking the first drag through the hookah you can completely feel the sensation of apple take over your body. I’ve been smoking it since I shot a vlog and until long after I upload this post. This is because they also use custom coal that doesn’t burn your throat, doesn’t give you a headache, and doesn’t upset your stomach. This has been the most incredible smoking experience of my life so far.

The presentation even looks amazing. They use a special hookah machine designed to give a natural look equivalent to the taste. Even the way they deliver it to your table is un-match-able to any other cafe.

If your way ever falls to Bilecik, I highly suggest you check out Agrilion Cafe for their Natural Hookah.


Simple. Beautiful.

After moding my visuals on my Samsung Galaxy Mega, I couldn’t stop. I’ve spent all day customizing everything I could on my Alienware M11X. I’ve looped about 25 HD simple and amazing wallpapers in the background and set up a rainmeter theme with about 6 different skin packs. It was quite a challenge at first, but after I got the hang of it , it felt amazing. I’ve grown an obsession with simplicity and am thinking about redesigning everything in my room to a minimalist design.

Besides that, today was the first day of class after a long holiday. I have to admit, I still hate school. First quarter exams are approaching and I still have no idea what we’re doing in math, linear mathematics, and neither in physics. I’m pretty sure I will be failing a few classes.
However, in other news, I’m doing fantastic in my algorithm class. Today we were asked to write an algorithm for finding a perfect number between 1-10. Instead of writing it in algorithm form, I wrote it in C coding.

Desktop of Alienware M11X:
Set Up 1 Minimalist HD BG BorderlandsUntitledUntitled2Untitled3

Lock Screen + Home Screen of Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8: