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What I’ve Been Up To

In the past few I’ve researched everything I can on YouTube partnership and Google Analytics. I’ve monetized my videos and created the proper accounts needed. I’ve also been researching ways to spread word about my existence and my talents. I’ll soon (hopefully) be starting a Pod Cast. I’ve acquired the microphone setup and now have all the hardware needed. I am now only missing topics to discuss. I feel as if I’m taking on too many objectives at once. This gives me the same feeling I felt when I had all those unfinished quests on Skyrim. However, I am determined to go through with all of this. I guess only time will tell. Also, I want to remind everybody that Bilecik, Turkey is not exactly thee best place to try to expand your talents due to the fact that the city is so small and every resident is both close-minded as well as “old-school”. However, once again, I am determined to go through with this.

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New Phone

Before I start typing about all the stuff I’ve been doing lately, I want to apologize.I know I used to post everyday, and for the past couple of days I haven’t been able to access my WordPress account. I’ve purchased a new phone and my Authentication app was reset. Since I use various security measures on my WordPress, it was difficult for me to retrieve my info since everything was linked to my old phone. However, I’m back.

So… What have I been up to lately?

  • Joined the biggest talent based competition in Turkey
  • Working on near impossible projects (as usually)
  • Tried to cope with my failure in my Physics test

As you already know, I had to enter a physics test Monday. Although I worked hard for the test, I couldn’t answer a single question and the experience in attending school in a different language finally did some damage, a lot of damage. I was ready to drop out when my manager said hold your head up high and keep pushing.
Also, I have a chance to transfer some credits to Turkey, which require some financial input. I am currently occupying some of my time with that.

Some projects I am taking part in are extremely professional projects that are grabbing attention from some successful businessmen / businesswomen. I am slowly developing a fear of them expecting to much from the projects that are currently being worked on. When I catch myself over thinking about this specific topic, I have to take a moment and just assure myself that I’ve been a dancer for more than 10 (ten) years, I have to remind myself that I’ve excelled at numerous dance competitions, and that i already started and there’s no going back now.

We’re (my manager and I) still awaiting news from the TV Channel to get back to us for the dates of the competition. However, we have been assured multiple times by various parties including the TV Channel faculty that we will be partaking in the competition.

On other news, one of my students who keeps up to date with my blogs, was upset with me not being able to update it in the past few days. So to all those following my blog, I sincerely apologize. I’ve fixed my security issues and now will continue to update my blog daily.

Finally, I’ve started posting videos on my Vine and Instagram. You can find them at :
Vine – Userllort
Instagram – Turkdragon13

As Always, Thank You All For Your Support !!

Test Time

This morning I woke up extra early to get ready for the test which I thought took place at 8 (eight) am. After arriving to class, I met up with a class to study for the test and was informed that the test will be taking place in the class at 5 (five) pm. After attempting to under basic physics, I decided it was not a topic of my specific understanding. I can’t stress enough how difficult it is studying abroad. The classes are in a foreign language and the topics are difficult, even in your native language.

I just got off the phone with my manager to adjust the reschedulement of my session for today. Now I am taking a little break to write to all my followers.
As I was getting fresh air while rescheduling my session, I got a message on Kik from a person who claims they know me. After asking them where they know me from, I received an answer they left me confused. They said that I gave them my Kik in an ice cream store in California. Here’s the funny part, I never bought ice cream in California. If any of you want to Kik me remember that I am a musician and a dancer with a fan base. I try to talk to every single one of you, and I try to respond to every single message in a timely manner. For any of you that have not seen my social connections pages online here’s a small list:

Instagram – Turkdragon13
Kik – Turkdragon13
Vine – Userllort
Twitter – Userllort (I really don’t use or give out my twitter page)
Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/llort
Online Store – Bit.ly/llorT
FunnyJunk – Turkdragon
Tumblr – http://alicangarip.tumblr.com/

If there’s any other social media you use, comment what it is and I’ll let you know (reply) what my username is.

The dream of which I dreamt last night filled me with confusion upon waking this morning. My body was different, i had on different skins and “add-ons”. My insides were made of apps which were forming a metallic bone structure. Instagram was taking third dimension photographs using my eyes as lenses and Facebook was working with both my heart and mouth to shout my feelings to the world. Continue reading