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What I’ve Been Up To

In the past few I’ve researched everything I can on YouTube partnership and Google Analytics. I’ve monetized my videos and created the proper accounts needed. I’ve also been researching ways to spread word about my existence and my talents. I’ll soon (hopefully) be starting a Pod Cast. I’ve acquired the microphone setup and now have all the hardware needed. I am now only missing topics to discuss. I feel as if I’m taking on too many objectives at once. This gives me the same feeling I felt when I had all those unfinished quests on Skyrim. However, I am determined to go through with all of this. I guess only time will tell. Also, I want to remind everybody that Bilecik, Turkey is not exactly thee best place to try to expand your talents due to the fact that the city is so small and every resident is both close-minded as well as “old-school”. However, once again, I am determined to go through with this.

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Local Scenery

This morning I woke up and headed straight out to take some morning photographs of the local scenic beauty around me here in BIlecik, TR. Today being the third day of Ramazan/Ramadan, I noticed that the streets were completely empty and I felt as if I was driving around on my motorcycle through a post apocalyptic time era. I’ve uploaded some of the photographs on my Photography tab and my Flickr. (Flickr page – click here to see my Flickr)

Being the third day of Ramazan/Ramadan, it is custom in Turkey for nei Continue reading Local Scenery

Panoramic Shots in Bilecik, TR

As I woke up this morning, I wondered where to go to take some pics today. I decided on visiting the lake by the skirts of the city. Slowly making my way to my destination on my electric motorcycle can always be an adventure. Motorists driving cars in this city have absolutely no respect for motorcyclists. When it comes to electric motorcycles, well, you might as well be driving on the sidewalk because its safer than the road. Making my way to the lake, I avoided 3 (three) accidents. Other motorists really underestimate my bike and my driving.

Upon receiving to the pond, however, was a huge stress reliever waiting for me. Continue reading Panoramic Shots in Bilecik, TR