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Been A While

So, its been a long time since I’ve wrote on my WordPress. Here’s what I’ve done for the past 6 (six)-7 (seven) months.

I’ve moved to Eskisehir, a city relatively close to Bilecik, to teach English and save some money. I thought at a private language school called Asem Kids. I’ve posted a bunch of pictures of me and my students on my Instagram (@turkdragon13). It was a great experience for me. I’ve learned how to teach small and large children classes. One of the hardest things to do was to teach the unwilling and uncooperative 8 (eight) year old students. The young children were extremely hard to control however it still was a great experience. I also gave private classes to university students and people in international business. The private lessons consist of practical speaking, everyday / casual conversation, and English in the Business World (Professional English).

When I first went to Eskisehir I lived in a neighborhood called “Adalar”, it translates to “The Islands”. Their is a very small creek like river that flows through the city and it is beautiful. There is walkways, cafes, and restaurants on both sides of the river. I lived right by the river for about 2 months with the view of the beautiful scenery right under my window. After 2 (months) I received news of one of my closest friends had moved into the city as well, and not that far from me. Since his apartment was right on the Bars Street, I did not hesitate to move in with him. I lived there for about 4 (four) months and now i have returned to the city of Bilecik.

This semester in school I want to concentrate on my school work. Besides from the school, I plan on starting a YouTube Chanel for Video Game Vlogging (Yes, it is spelled Vlogging | With 2 g’s | Source: The word Blog; Blogged, Blog, Blogging). First I plan on buying a good 720p web cam and a USB microphone to start recording on my HP G56. Through the course of 6 months I’ll (hopefully) be putting together a monster Desktop to Stream 4K. I will first start streaming MMORPG’s and MMO’s that are free-to-play (like Dofus and Fiesta Online). This is because my current hardware doesn’t support anything made after 2006 (sadly :’c ).

So this is currently what’s going on in my life. I’ve pushed away from Music and Dance until I have the funds I need to continue pursuing life with my passion.

-My heart whispers things that my wallet cant afford.


October 29

Tomorrow is a special day in Turkey.
“On October 29, 1923, the Turkish constitution was amended and Turkey became a republic. This formally declared the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayramı) is celebrated throughout Turkey every year” – Source : http://www.seslisozluk.net/?word=cumhuriyet+bayram%C4%B1&lang=tr-en

Due to this reason, every business and school is a half day today. My morning class was cancelled, and as usual I was not informed. After figuring out why nobody came to class I immediately dispersed towards downtown to get to the dance studio. Upon arrival I noticed that it was only 9 (nine) am. I waited an hour in the cold for them to unlock the doors. After they unlocked the doors, I have to wait for my manager and dance partner to arrive, so in the mean time I am updating my blog and will be creating a new website.


Today was hectic. I woke up early to study physics and get ready for the test tomorrow. After trying to decode the blurry notes a classmate sent me, I decided to visit the classmate and grab the tangible copy of the class notes. Immediately rushing back to study, I almost crashed into 3 (three) cars on my motorcycle. Fun. After studying and understanding simple physics of Scalar and Vectorial movement, I had to rush to the language school to teach English. Arriving perfectly on time, and out of breath, I realized that I had left my notes at home. However, I was able to continue with the class from memory. My first class was a bit routine, today we tried speed talking. I asked each one of my students a few questions at a normal / fast speaking pace, and they had to repeat every word they heard. Although this was a new activity for them, they were almost always correct with their answers. My class caught me by surprise. Their homework was to write down three questions and a few them wrote down pretty good questions for their English level. Also, I was surprised once again when one of my students told me “good luck on your test”. The student told me that she had been reading my blog. I have to say, that felt pretty awesome. 🙂

After the language school, I proceed to study more physics off my friends notes. Afters hours of confusion I gave up and decided to live my life as a homeless, unemployed, college drop-out. After the self hate, I decided to go home and update my blog. Once I finish this update, I will continue to scavenger across YouTube (Oytub) to find physics lessons and once again have a drop of hope of passing my class.

Keep in mind that not only is the topic of physics hard and extremely complicated for me, but also it’s taught in an other language. FML

Concentration On Dance

Today, with my manager, we’ll be checking out a new dance studio to start shooting videos every week. There’s also a possibility of me teaching Hip-Hop dance to students. It’s going to be pretty hard to commercialize in such a small city, but we will be doing the best we can with all the possibilities we can. All my followers will sure to get an update every time we upload a video.

Today well be my second day at the language school in this semester. I’m thinking about starting basic dialogues with the students on basic english. Next week I’ll be discussing business appropriate introductions and conversations.

Tonight I’ll post about the second day of my teaching and the conclusion to the agreement we might reach with the dance studio.

Premises of Social Strangers

As the days of Ramazan/Ramadan pass, I’ve come to realize that it’s sort of like the Christmas Day of Islam. Everything is closed and no one is on the streets. During the morning I went downtown with my brother to gather some needed supplies for the house. Upon return, I was told that my mother had been expecting guests, absolutely no time notification, no number of expected shows, no planning whatsoever. The whole day was spent with failed attempts at trying to leave the premises and engaging in awkward conversations with strangers.

Right before this post, I fixed my JVC XXX headphones so I can wear them to match my leather jacket as I’m heading to school. Also, they look huge because I got my hair cut. When I put them on just now I felt amazing, like half my head was squished in my skull.

Tomorrow being the last day of Ramazan/Ramadan, I will have a successful escape from the premises of social strangers.

Put On Blast

As I’ve stated last night, I am retaking classes due to the fact that my credits haven’t transferred from my previous school. Today in introduction to computer science class, a class I’ve already taken in the past, I was teaching myself the language of python. Mid-class my professor stops giving the lecture and comes all the way to the back of the class to ask me why I’m always staring into my laptop and not the overhead. So I simply said that I had taken this class amongst many others that have not yet transferred to my current school and that we should discuss this in further detail after class in his office to not disturb or hold the class back from their education. Apparently teaching a professor, which happens to be the director of the computer science department, is not allowed in any culture. However, he was really cool about it.

Nothing too interesting happened today. Actually, nothing interesting happened at all. Tomorrow I’ll be taking some panoramic shots to upload so I can fill the emptiness of today.

Tardy … A Lesson Learned

So today, I woke up a little late because I was setting up my Tumblr and other social networking sites. Arriving a little too late to class, exactly 7 minutes, thought me a valuable lesson. Upon my arrival I knocked on the door of the classroom, I then commenced to open the door only to find the professor right in front of my face telling me to come back in 45 minutes. While in confusion of what just happened, I started heading to the student lounge and ask some of the students what this whole process was about. Apparently, if a student arrives a minute late to class the professor does not have to take the student in due to the fact that they will be interrupting the teaching process.

Another great factor I learned that is beneficial to my survival here is the student trade system. Students trade homeworks for homeworks, all the students trade homeworks for different classes. This morning I traded the english assignments for introduction to computer science. I might just have hope of passing physics and mathematics using my english to better benefit me here.

3 Years Worth of College

Most of you may not know this about me, but I have studied 3 (three) years of credits from universities and colleges from the United States. I have a semester attendance at Passaic County College while I was studying in high school, a full years worth of credits in Pre-Med from William Paterson University, and a year and 1 (one) semester worth of credits from North American University.
Many of you know that I’ve just recently transferred overseas to Bilecik Seyh Edebali University.
However, I can guarantee that none of you know the fact that not a single credit of my classes from the United States transfered to my new school in Bilecik, TR.

Even though I can’t receive a single one of my credits from my 3 (three) years of university education, I gotta say Continue reading 3 Years Worth of College

Understanding Classes

Although my turkish language skill is at an advanced skill, I only feel its fluency while I am speaking it. During class, I feel as if my Turkish is not quite “up to par” to completely understand the lessons. Not only is understanding physics complicated, it is also taught to me, currently, in my secondary language.

Through time attending this University I’ve noticed a lot of faults in the communication aspect of the management of this facility. For example, whenever class gets rescheduled or canceled students aren’t notified immediately. There actually notified at the original time of that class that was to take place. There is a place on the student portal where professors can reach all the students that are attending their class to notify them of such events, however not a single professor in the university uses it.